DEBUTANTS 2010-2011

cut a rug                                         mamma maria                            country as can be

on the line                                      cabo san lucas                         chica boum boum

pick a ball                                     eye candy                                    waka waka              

blue mercury                                say draget fall                     christmas rock

love away                                       shuffle boogie soul               irish stew for 2

snap to it                                        lipstick                                         cowboy boogie

god blessed texas                    Girls things                                 marie

cadillacs and caviar             ice breaker                                mamou cajun

every body salsa                       bubble gum cowboy


home to louisiana                      country roads                              cumbia semana

best wishes                                     hey soul sister                             wakaira

stay the night                             leave the boat                            quarter after one

askin question                             bodhran                                           old time rock'n roll

sally ann                                        caught in the act                      all shook up

calypso mexico                           rhyme or reason                         anticipation

vem dançar kuduro                  taillights blue

Météo Saint-Antoine